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As we are in an era where change is inevitable and the technology of cars is developing with the speed of light, it has inspired us to view the value of our vehicles in a different manner. Service intervals have increased, which has resulted in vehicle owners driving the same vehicle for a longer period of time. Vehicle owners consequently have many more aspects to consider than just the normal weekly maintenance car wash and this has created an awareness to maintaining the aesthetic appeal, as well as the value of our vehicles.

This led to exponential growth in professional detailing products & services that are offered by Professional Detailers within detailing centres, car washes, bodyshops and OEMs alike. Professional detailing is the art and craft of exterior and interior cleaning, rectifying and restoring a vehicle to showroom condition with careful attention to every detail. This process has exposed the actual damage that is present on new and used vehicles caused by a number of factors such as wear & tear, transportation, environmental conditions, accidents ect. Damage could consist of scratches, minor bumps, scuffs, damaged or faded paint, faded plastic trims, dull leather & dashboards and the list goes on.

In order to experience the joy of a new vehicle by creating your own showpiece, it is important to familiarise yourself with the processes and professional products used.

As it is a passion, Professional Detailers always strive to provide the best possible service and highest quality of work. They hold in very high regard the sharing of information through effective communication, which form a vital part of this process to uphold the customer’s expectation and ultimately their satisfaction.

To ensure your car is detailed, flawlessly cleaned and most importantly protected against environmental factors during a car wash, valet or a detail - cheap and quick may not be the better option. The results from face value might look amazing, but over time they can cause degradation of the different surfaces on your vehicle void of protection and plastics will dull, paint will oxidise and the overall appearance & value of your vehicle will be affected.

The skill set and techniques, combined with the process and high quality products used in professional detailing, ensures longevity and ultimate protection against any harsh chemicals or environmental factors which disturbs the paint on the body, other exterior parts, as well as the interior of your vehicle. The finer details are taken into consideration, for example, the 2-bucket method: One bucket with the shampoo solution and the other with clean water only. The wash mitt will then be soaked in the shampoo solution and used on the vehicle. It will then be rinsed off in the bucket of clean water, before being returned to the shampoo solution to continue the process. This will avoid dirt being deposited back onto the bodywork and causing scratches on the paint. Should the wash mitt fall on the floor, a new one is used to ensure the entire process is continuously done with clean materials.

The process of detailing has been professionally engineered to cover every aspect of your vehicle’s needs to uphold the value of your vehicle. It starts off with a high-pressure spray down and a touchless foam prewash. This is vital to get rid of any contaminants that could scratch the car when following it with a hand wash to prepare for paint inspection and assessment identifying any defects, imperfections, scratches or stains. Should any severe contamination be identified, a decontamination and clay bar process will follow, removing microscopic surface bonded contaminants on clear coat caused by overspray, industrial fall out, acid rain ect. A mineral spot remover is then applied to remove stains caused by calcium found in, for instance bore hole water. This is then followed up with a multi-stage machine polishing process on all exterior surfaces, using a professional range of premium abrasive and polishing compounds to safely remove swirl marks, scratches and paint imperfections. The process produces a perfectly, defect-free area that is ready to be sealed and protected. The vehicle then undergoes a final wash, engine clean and blow dry process to remove dust or polish residue, in preparation for the final stage of protection where a wax, or ultimately, a ceramic coating is applied. This protection process is vital as water or dirt will not stick to the paint once applied.

Before applying the final stage of protection, the wheels, brakes and tyres are decontaminated with iron remover and treated with a protectant. All rubber and plastic trims are restored and treated for protection against UV rays. A glass cleaner is applied to the exterior and interior of your vehicle to avoid fog, fingerprints or streaks. This process then follows with an entire interior detail which consists of vacuum, extraction cleaning, leather or material cleaning and protection, the cleaning, restoration and protection of all interior surfaces followed by the final stage of odour elimination with the use of an interior purifier.

Once the entire process has been completed, the most important step to finishing off a professional detail is to seal the aesthetic work done by applying a high-quality ceramic coating for protection & longevity. There is no point taking your car in to be corrected with all the work done to achieve that showroom look, if it will only last for a short period of time. A ceramic coating will protect that showroom shine from 2 to 7 years, depending on the physical properties of the ceramic coating, the number of layers as well as mileage and maintenance cycles.

A high quality professional Ceramic Coating forms a hard layer of protection over the paint to create a barrier against scratches & swirl marks, UV light, acid rain and heat caused by harsh environmental factors. The superior hydrophobic qualities that it consists of provide high water repellent properties. This is extremely easy to apply in a single stage, yet a vital process to protect and enhance the appearance of the surface to a mirror like finish. Ceramic coating has taken the maintenance and paint protection of a vehicle to a whole new level - resisting the adherence of dirt and extending time between maintenance washes makes it extremely cost effective. No more time wasted with weekly car washes! A Ceramic coating, which repels water or dirt, extends the period between maintenance washes, one rain shower and your car will be perfectly clean again.

When you choose to invest in your vehicle through extensive exterior and interior detailing, you will ultimately enjoy a safer and shiny attractive ride. Protect your investment and be reminded of the joy you experienced when you first purchased your own new vehicle, by maintaining the aesthetic appeal and resell value through the right skills, equipment and high-quality products to support you.

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