Achieving ultimate efficiency by increasing productivity and profitability with limited resources has become a prominent aspect in today’s way of doing business. With the rapid change and development in technology of cars that have taken place within the industry, we have come to realise the importance of diversifying revenue streams within your business. Service intervals have increased and vehicles are being manufactured with automatic brake systems and sensors, which has resulted in less accidents and vehicle owners driving the same vehicle for a longer period of time. Vehicle owners are becoming more aware of maintaining the aesthetic appeal and value of their vehicles through professional detailing services.

This has led to exponential growth in professional detailing products & services offered by businesses in various sectors within the automotive industry including Professional detailing centres, car washes, bodyshops and OEMs alike.

As traditional business gets smaller and smaller, the time has never been better than now to diversify. Shifting away from a comfort zone where we are familiar with the usual way of doing business, creates enormous opportunity to expand and tap into the market that is ever so growing in today’s era. Change motivates us to be objective through innovation and adapt to an exciting new venture. Forming a mind-set where challenges are seen as opportunities, broadens the horizon for growth and investment through new revenue streams within your business. Constant diversification allows for us to keep up with the times and technology within the industry, ultimately leading to the increase in productivity and profitability.

Thinking outside of the box in terms of your value offering to existing and potentially new customers is an extreme advantage. By adding additional services within your business, not only increases streams of income but add to the overall reputation of your business through consideration for your customers. Opportunities for businesses to grow and prosper are around every corner, and detailing services as well as minor cosmetic repairs just to name a few, have made a huge introduction within the automotive industry.

With Autobody repairers always striving to provide the customer with the best possible service and highest quality of work, maintaining customer satisfaction has been a huge priority. When a customer has had severe damage to the body of their vehicle, getting their car repaired is a grudge purchase where they have no other option but to get it fixed. In this case we would most certainly want to stay away from a bodyshop at all costs as there is no link to improving, just fixing an accident. Creating a reason for the customer to return by providing them with the complete solution for all their vehicle’s needs and maintenance up to the smallest detail of their car, will increase customer experience and satisfaction, renewing the perception of the services offered as an Autobody repairer. This provides a great opportunity to build and strengthen the relationships with your customers, creating the business and staff to be the client’s go to source from their small need right up to the largest services required. This ultimately differentiates your business from another, broadening the market with an increase in demand for the additional services offered within your business. Diversification, would broaden a whole new revenue injection into your business, opening up to a new market with great market share due to qualities in standing out from traditional business.

As cars are not being replaced that often, consumers have been more and more prone to protect their pride and joy for as long as possible. This has led to the growth in knowledge and education amongst consumers around the detailing services and products offered to assist them in achieving this ultimate goal.

A demand in additional services has ranged from professional maintenance washes, body & wheel decontamination, headlight restoration, paint correction, plastic trim & rubber restoration all the way up to paint protection and ceramic coatings. Since these services have come to light, it has exposed the actual damage that is present on new and used vehicles caused by a number of factors such as wear & tear, transportation, environmental conditions, accidents ect. Damage could consist of scratches, minor bumps, scuffs, damaged or faded paint, faded plastic trims, dull leather & dashboards and the list goes on.

Going about a normal day and still having the time to do all these added offerings have carefully been considered. There has been discussions amongst numerous businesses and most have started with their current staff complement to do these added offerings and short before long they started employing dedicated staff handling these additional services. This provides great opportunity to embark on skills development initiatives. Investing in training has become all the more prominent for businesses to participate in, taking the industry to new heights and creating consumer education and awareness.

Evolving skills development within the industry, optimises the potential of every individual and the growth potential for profitability of every business. Developing skills within the workplace through industry recognised certification is highly beneficial for your business and not only increases efficiency and profitability, but provides huge opportunity for return on investment and skills development funds. Utilizing ones skills and using high quality professional products sets a standard of evaluation for a high quality end result.

As technology constantly advances within the industry it is imperative that businesses stay up to date to remain competitive and cater to market demands. Streamlining processes with professional products, highly skilled craftsman and introducing additional services demanded by the industry, unlocks huge potential to achieve the ultimate goal and exponential growth within your business.

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